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About Us

In the 21st century every business has many competitors and with the internet they tend to all start looking the same.  Milmar still recognise the importance of relationships, the importance of listening, the importance of understanding and the importance of doing what you say you'll do.

The Milmar Group is a privately-owned Western Australian company which has spent the last decade building a strong reputation based on quality products and excellent service. We have constantly strived to build long term relationships with Federal, State and Local Government organisations as well as leading state and national companies in a broad range of industries including health, hospitality, education, mining and events management. 

It's through a flexible customer-focussed approach to business, that we have worked our way to become a leader in the plastic card services and merchant services industries.

Founded in 1994, Western Time Systems are experts in a range of time and attendance and visitor management solutions. We are WA's largest independent supplier of Time Clocks, Bundy Clocks, Time Recorders, Time Recording Systems, Time & Date Stamps, Job Costing Clocks, Calculating Time Clocks, Non-Calculating Electronic Time Clocks, PC Based Time and Attendance Systems and Accessories.

We keep up to date with the latest research and development occurring in our industry and only partner with leading Australia and Global suppliers to ensure we can deliver what we promise.

In a competitive market our focus is always on doing what is best for you and I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Ross Davis, Managing Director

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