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Biometric Systems



Biometric Time Clocks

Put an end to “buddy punching” and eliminate the frustration and cost of managing employee badges with our biometric solutions. Biometrics technology is an irrefutable verification or identification of a person by various physiological characteristics, which cannot be transferred or copied.

  • Accurately verify and authenticate the identity of every employee
  • Save time and money spent on managing swipe cards
  • Enhance security and eliminate buddy punching

We offer leading biometric terminals as data collection options that integrate with accounting software : fingerscan and face geometry.

Face Biometric

Face Biometric terminals work by measuring the physical size and shape of each employee’s face, converting the data into mathematical equations and storing it as a template, then matching it to their actual punch. Ideal for businesses of any size, the Face Biometric can handle simple in/out punches as well as capture accurate labour costing information.

The  system grows with your business, offering optional employee capacity.

Finger Scan Clocks / Finger Print Clocks

Our fingerscan clocks, also known as fingerprint clocks have all of the features of a full-function data collection terminal, but also provide for enhanced security. The feature-rich fingerscan terminal not only provides attendance and job reporting capabilities for multiple-level data collection by individuals or departments; it also enables your organization to monitor and record employee movement within the organization.

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