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Gift & Loyalty Cards

Attract more customers and revenue with creative, secure and memorable plastic loyalty cards and gift cards. They can be as simple or "high tech" as you desire.

Even a small business with limited resources can have a simple and economical discount card that customers show you at the time of purchase to get a discount or offer. It could be called a "Discount", "Loyalty" or even "Member" card.

To take this one step further you could write a specific customer number in a designated space on the back at the time of issue to track individual customer purchases

OR for not much more we can pre print the cards with individual barcoded numbers for easy recording of customer purchases and loyalty.

Professional looking gift cards give a positive impression of your business and can also be produced economically. By leaving designated spaces on the reverse of the card you can fill in the relevant details at the time of issue.
We can also print specific barcodes so you can simply record the transaction in your system.

Bring your most creative concepts to life with our help and boost your business.

To find out more about which card solution to go with or for a free quote email or speak to Ross Davis on 1300 664660.

With Milmar's Plastic Card Printing Solutions we can deliver a solution for any size business and budget.

Gift & Loyalty Card Solution:

  • Attract customers
  • Retain customers
  • Promote a professional image
  • Simple and affordable
  • Small volume custom printing
  • Large volume custom printing
  • Custom barcoding
  • Full colour
  • Individual card details including barcoding
  • Magnetic swipe cards
  • Custom shapes
Gift Loyalty


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