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Guide to Choosing the Correct Roll

Not all EFTPOS rolls are the same.  

Cheaper rolls can deposit excess lint in terminals and potentially damage their performance or even cause terminal down time.

Be wary of settling for a smaller diameter roll as a small drop in diameter has a big effect on length.

The life of the thermal print also varies according to the quality and therefore premature fading can be a major issue.

Milmar only source quality rolls manufactured to OEM specifications - trust Milmar.

What Size and Type of Roll does my machine take?

You will notice that there are 3 measurements (each in millimetres) that denote the size of a roll.

These are the Width, Diameter and Core Size and are explained in the below subsections, if you require further help please refer to the diagram at the bottom of this page or contact Milmar for assistance.



(A) Width:

When measuring Thermal Till Rolls, the dimension referred to as the "Width" is the most important measurement.

You can either take this measurement directly from the roll or from a receipt that has already been printed out.
If taking this measurement from the roll please refer to the diagram which shows you where to measure.

If you are taking the measurement directly from a printed receipt you measure the slip of paper from left to right in the direction of the text printed on it. You must measure from edge to edge straight accross. Remember to be as accurate as possible in mm as small discrepancies in size can be vital when purchasing till rolls.

(B) Diameter:

The diameter of till rolls can vary from anything as small as 24mm to over 200mm. The bigger your diameter, the more paper that is on the roll. When measuring the diameter of your roll, it is important to never purchase a roll with a diameter bigger than the recommended size by the manufacturer. This is as the roll may not fit in the machine. However you may always buy a smaller roll, it may be cheaper but be aware it will not last as long. In fact it can be a false economy to buy a cheaper smaller roll as a small change in diameter can make a huge difference in length.  As an example a 55mm diameter with 11.5mm core is about twice as long as a 40mm diameter roll.

To measure the diameter, you must measure from edge to edge of the till roll going directly through the centre hole in the roll (The Core). The best way to do this is to put the roll down on a flat surface, with the flat side of the roll on the table so that it cannot roll. This way you can be sure you are measuring the correct side of the roll. Please refer to the diagram to ensure that you have the correct measurement.

(C) Core Size:

More recently Core size has become less relevent when purchasing thermal till rolls. The core is used in some cases where a plastic or sometimes metal tube (a spindle) feeds through the hole in the roll (the core) to hold it in place and assist in the feeding of paper through the printer. There are three main / more popular core sizes in the market place currently. - 12.7mm, 17.5mm & 25.4mm.

If the roll just sits in the machine (or sits in a "well") then the core size does not matter, however the smaller the core is on the roll you are purchasing the more paper there will be in its place. However if your machine does have a spindle that has to be used, then your core size must be matched to avoid purchasing a roll which will not work.

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