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Lanyards & Accessories

Standard and Custom Lanyards - Cardholders - Wristbands

Lanyards and cardholders are often an essential component of member, staff and other ID card solutions. There are a myriad of options so we listen to your needs to develop the solution that best suits you. Whether it be the extremely economic use of a standard lanyard or an affordable custom design combined with a cardholder that makes living with their card easy for your staff or members.

We have a range of standard colour plain lanyards as well as a range of standard printed lanyards for STAFF, VISITOR, CONTRACTOR and others.

Let us help promote your organisation's identity with your own professional custom printed lanyards. We have a wide range of colours, styles and lanyard models from which to choose. We'll work with you and take the hard work out of it.

Please Contact Us to discuss your custom lanyard needs.

With Milmar's experience we can deliver a solution for any size business and budget.

Full Range of Lanyard, Cardholder and Wristband Solutions:

  • Range of standard colours
  • Standard printed lanyards eg STAFF, VISITOR etc
    Standard Lanyards
  • Custom printing or embroidery or trim - promote a professional image
  • Choice of clip styles
  • Safety "breakaways"
  • Retractable "zingers"
  • Huge range of cardholders to suit any application
  • Small volume custom printing
  • Large volume custom printing
  • Single or full colour
  • Custom Tyvek wristbands for events
    Custom Tyvek

Custom Lanyards

Custom Lanyards

Hard and Soft Plastic Cardholders

Plastic Cardholders Visitor

Custom Silicone Wristbands

Custom Silicone Wristbands

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