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Finding a Membership card solution

Impress new, existing and prospective members with creative, secure and memorable plastic membership cards.

Ensure smooth and easy member card issuance with in-house printing of your cards or leave the printing to us.

A professional members' card can take your organisation to a new level.

With Milmar's Plastic Card Printing Solutions we can deliver a solution for any size organisation and budget.

To find out more about our member card solutions or for a free quote email or speak to Ross Davis on 1300 664660.

There are a number of options including,

1. A simple non-unique card printed by us or by you inhouse using a renowned Datacard printer that simply plugs into a PC.

2. A card with a unique number and/or barcode number identifier so you can track individual members. You can print these in-house onto blank cards or onto preprinted cards that already have all the graphics printed or we can print for you.

3. Intelligent cards with magnetic strip or imbedded memory that you can print in-house or outsource to Milmar. These cards can double as access to secure areas or for member billing eg linked with the bar or restaurant POS system.

So Milmar can supply you

1. Cards all printed and ready to go.

2. Cards part printed on a Datacard printer and software to add the final customer/member details such as a unique number and/or photo.

3. Blank plastic cards with Datacard printer and software to print all details and graphics on one or both sides of the card.

Datacard systems can,

Issue cards anywhere - instantly, centrally and/or remotely.

Deliver unique, highly personalized prepaid & gift cards quickly and conveniently.

Meet increasing flexibility demands with innovative card personalization technologies

Drive down cost-per-card by increasing card manufacturing efficiency.


We offer a full suite of member card solutions, including :

  • Supply & install hardware to print your own cards inhouse
  • Small volume custom printing
  • Large volume custom printing
  • Full colour
  • RFID and magnetic swipe cards
  • Link to secure access
  • Link to POS systems
  • Individual card details including barcoding
  • Key tags and other custom shapes


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