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RFID Card Products

RFID cards and proximity cards ("prox cards") offer a diverse range of functions that are commonly used for such applications as access control, time & attendance, cashless payment, hotel management and event management.

There are a wide range of cards and technologies available so we recommend that you discuss your operational needs with Milmar.

The starting point is mature, simple and widely used RFID card technology where a chip is embedded in the proximity card and each has a unique serial number. This is an ideal solution for access control and time & attendance systems etc which do not require a high security level.

Mifare RFID cards are widely used in more secure RFID applications. They are an excellent solution for E-ticket, payment, hotel key lock, access control, time & attendance systems. Cards can either be blank or pre-printed.

Milmar also supply card readers....

The popularly used smart card reader is an electronic device that reads various plastic cards, for example, contact IC card SLE5542/SLE5528/FM4442/FM4428,/AT24C01,125KHZ card EM4102,13.56MHZ Mifare /I CODE, etc. It can be a contact or contactless reader. 

Magnetic card readers including USB-powered readers can be connected to PCs and POS systems.

Readers can be easily integrated with access control systems and we have models which are suitable for harsh environments and outdoor installations.

Readers are available which can automatically collect RFID data when personnel cross into the read range. 

And so the applications and products go on.

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