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Western Time Systems - Time and Attendance Systems


Easy and accurate tracking

Founded in 1994, Western Time Systems joined the Milmar Group in 2016.  We are experts in a range of time and attendance and visitor management solutions. We are WA's largest independent supplier of Time Clocks, Bundy Clocks, Time Recorders, Time Recording Systems, Time & Date Stamps, Job Costing Clocks, Calculating Time Clocks, Non-Calculating Electronic Time Clocks, PC Based Time and Attendance Systems and Accessories. 

We are Importers for Seiko Quartz Time Recorders, Icon Time Systems (TimeCalculator), Unitech Swipe Systems. We are also the Australian developer of Time Help PC Based Time & Attendance Management Software for Windows.

We are dedicated to delivering superior Time Recording Systems for businesses of every size. Whether you're looking for the simplest form of time keeping or an integrated PC Package, our diverse product range will provide an effective solution to your company’s payroll recording, tracking employee attendance, job and/or task tracking requirements.

To find out more about the many time clock options or for a free quote email or speak to Ross Davis on 1300 664660.

  • Punchcard Timeclocks


    Punchcard or "Bundy" clocks are an inexpensive way to track hours. They stamp the time and date on paper based cards to record employee’s start, end and break times.

  • Biometric Timeclocks


    Accurately verify and authenticate the identity of every employee.
    Save time and money spent on managing swipe cards. Enhance security.

  • ID Cards


    ID proximity cards unique to each staff member are simply waved to record attendance.
    Can be combined with secure access systems.

Our services

For many businesses keeping track of employee attendance and hours worked is a laborious and error-ridden process. Time clocks can accurately and reliably track and calculate hours.

Western Time Systems have a broad range of solutions for managing staff time and attendance. From a simple and affordable standalone punchcard (Bundy card) system to a system with biometric scanners that integrates with your enterprise systems we have a time and attendance solution for your organisation.

Through our partnership with leading payroll solutions companies we can supply you with all your Time and Attendance needs. Our solutions can save your business time and money and simplify the task of managing your staff’s time and pay.

  • We supply, service and support a complete suite of time clocks, including hardware and software for an end to end solution to your workforce management needs. Services include:
  • Supplying and configuring time clocks
  • Installing and setting up payroll software to your requirement
  • Training staff to use time and attendance equipment
  • Ongoing hardware and software maintenance


  • We have a wide range of accessories including sirens, card racks, ink ribbons, attendance punch cards and more.
  • You can place orders online by using our Contact Us page.
  • Orders are dispatched rapidly in most cases for delivery overnight.

Why choose us?

Products You Can Trust

  • We have great products. All proven and high quality.
  • Our products include Time Clocks, Bells, Sirens, Biometric Systems and Clocking Card Accessories.
  • We are suppliers of respected brands.
  • Our products enable software integration to payroll software such as Talent2, MYOB and more.

The Ideal Solution For You

  • Economic punchcard systems make it affordable for any business.
  • Secure biometric systems ensure no rorting of systems.
  • Software integration with MYOB payroll to streamline your systems.

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